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makeup undertone

You've probably heard of the word before, but what does it mean and why does it matter? At KCD Cosmetics, we believe that knowing your undertone (for black people / people of color especially) is one of the most important steps to finding your perfect foundation match.

What Is It?

Your undertone is the color underneath your skin that affects the overall hue of your skin's complexion. Remember - it's never about the lightness or darkness of your skin, it's all about the shades underneath! There are three main undertones a person can have:

  1. Cool (undertones skew pink, red, or blue)
  2. Neutral (no obvious difference in the skin's undertone vs its natural color)
  3. Warm (undertones skew yellow or golden)

So can someone have dark skin and be cool-toned?

Yes! In fact, here are some examples of different dark skin tones and their undertone counterparts:

How can I figure out my undertone?

There are several ways to determine your skin's undertone. To make things easy, we've created this chart below:

Here's where KCD Cosmetics comes in...

Our K-Line foundation is specially formulated for people of color with warm undertones. Who knew just warm undertones from medium- to deep-toned skin could come in so many shades?

The K-Line is just the start for us as we plan to grow to be a full-service cosmetics line for people of color, providing all products, especially those that he or she may consistently have trouble finding.

We hope that our guide helped, and make sure to tune in for more to come!