KCD Cosmetics is a socially-driven cosmetic company that creates makeup for women of color where we believe that our beauty is our business. We launched with the K-Line, a line of 12 shades of foundation for women with warm undertones. We decided to create a cosmetic line because women of color, specifically black women, spend millions of dollars in the cosmetic industry but still consistently have trouble finding reasonably priced, but high quality, foundation. Women of color deserve to be catered to in an industry in which they hold a lot of spending power. We also believe that businesses should positively impact the communities that their consumers inhabit. We want to make sure that we add value to communities of color in multiple ways.

Our ultimate goal is for KCD Cosmetics to grow to be a full-service cosmetic line for women of color, providing all products, especially those that women of color have trouble consistently finding. We started KCD Cosmetics for the young woman of color who is trying to figure out who she is, what she likes, and what image she wants to portray to the world. She is having a hard time finding products to use that she can afford. She inspires me. It is hard being a young woman and it is even harder being a young woman of color, trying to figure out what you like, clothes you want to wear, how to style your hair. And what you see in movies, on TV, in stores, rarely reflect you and what you look like. I want to make this journey easier for her, for all of us. We, the owners, have been through this and we are still going through this right now. We are able to take the pain points we have experienced and the ones our friends, cousins, mothers, and aunts have experienced and try to relieve them with this company. We are a part of our target market so we can easily talk to and listen to what our consumers want and we identify with their problems and needs deeply.

Kam & Sel

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