If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing. 
-Malcolm X

KCD Cosmetics and this entire push for a more inclusive beauty industry began out of the movement for black lives. Black society in this country has been brutalized, over-policed, and under-supported. For the last few years we have been having conversations about protecting the black community, fighting for justice for the black community, and loving the black community. The conversations have been started because of the incredibly inhumane treatment of black people by institutions and organizations that are supposed to “protect and serve”. However, we, as black people, have to understand that these institutions and organizations are operating just as they are supposed to, they were built to keep black people oppressed, they were built against us. So we have to act. We have to take control over what matters to this country more than anything, our money. The black dollar leaves the black community faster than any other community’s dollar. We have to support black-owned businesses, we have to support those of us who are brave enough to physically risk everything in our fight for freedom. As a socially-driven cosmetic company, we pride ourselves on providing more value to our consumers than just amazing products. From our inception, a percentage of every sale has gone to organizations and that are working to uplift black communities. We are always open to suggestions for different organizations to donate to, but we for the foreseeable future we will be donating to The Bail Project, The NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and The Equal Justice Initiative. Please join us in being active in this fight, everyone can contribute in different ways, find a way that works for you and get involved.

- Kamilah + The KCD Cosmetics Team