The Best Full Glam Makeup Looks For The Holiday Season


With the holiday season coming in hot, this is the perfect time for you to start practicing the showstopping makeup looks that will draw all eyes on you for every holiday party you attend! The successful creation of any amazing makeup look starts with the perfect foundation for your unique skin tone!

As a woman of color, do you have a difficult time finding the right foundation that really complements the warm undertones of your skin so you don’t look washed out in every picture?

Fortunately, our brand focuses on using light-weight foundation that delivers buildable coverage leaving you with a matte finish every time. This will provide an incredible base to complete your favorite full glam makeup ideas. If you’re not quite the makeup guru you aspire to be just yet, we’ve got you covered!

Keep reading to find some inspiration for the fabulous holiday look that will make everyone stop and stare!


Thanksgiving Dinner: Golden Goddess

Thanksgiving dinner is the perfect opportunity for you to gather with your loved ones during a time where the mood is all about thankfulness and joy. Using eyeshadows that have a nice, warm tone will help you bring out your natural skin color while also complementing your new flawless foundation from KCD Cosmetics!

The fall season in general is a great time to pull out your warmer tones like orange, gold, and maroon. These colors will be undoubtedly complementary to your lovely autumn wardrobe!


Golden Glam

There is no such thing as too much glitter if you know how to do it up just right! For this look, you’re going to place a darker orange color on the base of your eyelids while using the most glittery, gold eyeshadow you have in your makeup bag. Then, intensify your look with a black liquid eyeliner. Use this black eyeliner on your waterline to create a dramatic, cat-eye effect. Finish this look off with any dark maroon colored matte lipstick of your choice!


The Orange Pop

The golden glam will give you striking eyes if that’s what you’re going for. Maybe your personality matches slightly better with a cute orange look that brings out your inner girly girl! Place a bright orange color on the base of your eyelid and on your bottom lash line. Then, dab your favorite golden glitter over your entire eyelid. Finish this look with your favorite false eyelashes and a bright lip color that makes them look plump and juicy just like the turkey!


Christmas Glitter: Peppermint Princess

For the Christmas season, we’re not going to stray too far away from the glitter! As you already know, the main Christmas colors are red and green. Green can be a more difficult color to use as it can sometimes appear more tacky than you originally intended.

Say goodbye to the “out there” green eyeshadow that never seems to blend in quite right! 

We have two elegant Christmas makeup looks that will pull your entire outfit together with just the stroke of a brush!


Christmas Red Smokey Eye

This smokey eye is perfect if you’re a lover of deep red! Place a dark red color on the outer corner of your eyelid and blend this in with a brighter red color towards the inner portion. Right when you get to the inner corner, use a light cream color to create a brightening effect for your gorgeous eyes!

No eyeliner is needed for this incredible smokey eye once you place a sharp black shade on the outermost corner of your eyelid. Wrap up this look with your favorite dark red lipstick and you’re ready to make an unforgettable entrance!


Mistletoe Green Glitter

The glitter is back and better than ever with this perfectly put together green makeup look! Before you take out your green glitter, place your favorite shade of green as a base color on your entire eyelid. Don’t go too dark here because you’re going to want to use a slightly darker shade on your outer corner.

Next, grab your favorite shade of gold glitter eyeshadow and place that in your inner corner to break up the green just enough to make your eyes look more inviting. Finish this off with a matte, nude lip that will keep all the attention directed at your stunning eyes!

Who said green couldn’t be absolutely gorgeous?


New Year’s Eve Glam: Pretty Party Girl

A New Year’s Eve party happens only once a year so you really need to show up and show out on this thrilling day! This is not the time to go for a more modest, everyday look. Feel free to do that for the 364 days leading up to New Year’s Eve but on this night, you deserve to go all out!

There are no restrictions or guidelines when it comes to the color palette, so you can pick your favorite color and run with it! Let’s go for something dark and mysterious for this look, shall we?

There is no better time to be bold and stand out!


Killer New Year’s Eve Glam

Your warm skin tone is going to look stunning with the darker shades used for this makeup look! Put a glittery, dark brown base coat over the entirety of your eyelid. Then, blend a black eyeshadow on the outer half. Make sure you drag this color all the way across your upper crease and stop right before your inner corner.

We’re still going to brighten up that inner corner with a light cream color to put the enticing nature of your eyes on full display! Go bold with your black liquid eyeliner and make a wing the other party goers won’t forget. Finish your look with a dark brown, glossy lip and your favorite falsies!


Complement Your Natural Beauty

KCD Cosmetics allows you to take back control of the flawless skin you want the world to see! The consistency of our foundations are specifically created to blend extremely well with your sensitive skin.

As you fellowship with family and friends this holiday season, you deserve to have foundation that enhances your natural beauty by producing flawless skin that makes you feel extremely confident in the remarkable person you already are!

Use this holiday season as a way to empower yourself to choose from a large range of foundation shades produced by a black, female-owned company that has your best interest at heart!

Shop with us today and we’ll help you find a foundation shade complementary to your specific skin tone. You deserve the perfect holiday look that allows your captivating personality to shine!


Cover photo makeup done by Cleveland MUA @itssarrii (Instagram and TikTok)

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