Tips To Make Your Makeup Last All Day

Beauty Tricks to Make Your Makeup Last All Day 

You know those days when you leave your home looking as glorious as the sun, only to return later in the day looking like you just woke up from a nightmare? You're not alone.

As the stylish woman of color that you are, you take special care when applying your makeup. But then, no matter how hard or deep you set it, it takes only a few hours for sweat or your busy daily activities to wear it off. 

Maybe you've resorted to taking your makeup kit everywhere you go so you can dab your face a couple of times to refresh your makeup. 

But what if I told you that you could look fresh and made-up all day long? Yes, you can!

If you want your makeup to last all day, here are some beauty tricks to try tomorrow morning. 


1. Prep! Prep! Prep! 

Maybe you didn't know about this (a lot of people don't), but prepping your skin is one of the most important keys to long-lasting makeup. 

Exfoliate your facial skin to prevent your makeup from flaking off with dead cells. 

Hydrated skin also holds makeup better as there are fewer creases to break up your makeup as the day progresses. 

2. Do not forget your primer

Many people argue whether primers are relevant at all, but multiple experiments show that they are. 

Just like prime coating is used before asphalt is laid on a road surface, primer provides a smooth but tacky texture, the perfect surface for your foundation to stick to for longer-lasting makeup. It also seals in moisturizer.

If you have trouble with your eyeshadow, priming your eyelids also helps as it prevents creases that ruin the artwork. 

3. Use the right foundation 

The best makeup will be in ruins if worn on the wrong foundation. As a woman of color, you have to first choose a foundation shade that matches your complexion. In a market where women of color are not the standard of beauty, this might be a hassle. But cosmetic companies like us, KCD Cosmetics, offer foundation specifically made for black and brown skin. 

4. Hold in moisture with powder

One trick to an all-day-long makeup is setting it with powder. This helps to keep the moisture from your face and skincare products from moving around and ruining your makeup. 

5. Use waterproof products for oily skin and hot days

This one is a no-brainer. Hot days get you sweaty, and if you have oily skin, your makeup might not survive a few hours outdoors. 

One way to make your makeup last all day long is to apply waterproof mascara and eyeliner as they prevent liquid from getting onto places they shouldn't be. 

6. Avoid applying makeup in thick layers

If you've always thought the deeper you apply your makeup, the longer it will last, you're not alone. 

This may be counter-intuitive, but when it comes to makeup, thinner layers last longer and even offer a more natural-looking finish. 

The light layer clings more firmly to the primer and foundation, unlike thick, heavy layers. 

7. Hands off your face

You'll be tempted to touch your face throughout the day, without a doubt. It might be a little itch, when you laugh, sniff, or cough. But do all you can to resist that temptation and make your face a hands-off zone if you want your makeup looking sleek all day long. Just a little careless touch can break up the flawless finish. It's like wiping off your hard work. 

Do not forget; this is incredibly important. 

8. Avoid reapplying foundation; simply blot it.

When you notice your foundation is wearing off during the day, the best thing you can do is to use blotting paper to dab it. Instincts will tell you to reach for your handbag and apply more foundation. But the more you apply, the cakier it becomes, and the powder on your face can even peel off while trying to apply more. 


Always remember that when it comes to makeup, less is more!

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